Yoga, YOGASFERA YOGASFERA Un espacio Internet para reunir toda la información sobre el mundo del yoga y su esfera: centros, estudios, profesores, cursos,clases, formaciones, eventos especiales ... todo lo que ocurre alrededor del yoga y que podemos compartir: consultar actividades. Un espai Internet per reunir tota la informació sobre el món del ioga i la seva esfera: centres, estudis, professors, cursos,classes formacions, esdeveniments especials... tot allò que passa entorn del ioga i que podem compartir: consulteu activitats. YOGASFERA Welcome to Yogasfera, a page on internet that brings together information about the world of yoga: centres, studies, courses, teachers, training, special events, in fact anything that happens in the world of yoga that we can share together: consult activitie

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Astavakrasana author:Lluc Domenech

Yogasfera was born from an idea by Victor Domenech, web developer and SEO professional and practitioner of yoga, watching that the yoga need  an Internet space where teachers and studies  could share  activities and information. Mariona Costa and Joan M. Gimeno, Yoga teachers are enthusiastic about this idea and the three were encouraged to promote the project.

Yogasfera is  based on the idea that sharing we know, grow together and build the yogic community.

It is also a searcher of schools and teachers, a forum for exchange of ideas in the blog and a yoga shop with high quality, environmentally,  friendly and durable.

Víctor Domènech

Víctor Domènech, is the Yogasfera soul, he studied biology at the University of Barcelona but his spirit of adventure took him away from the classroom to engage  years to the  climbing and mountaineering in height and photojournalism in over 40 countries. Later, he specialized in computer programming, a task currently being developed. Keen practitioner of yoga, he is teacher certified in traditional yoga  with Sri Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram at Dharma Yoga Om Life Of A Yogi Teacher Training (200h).

Víctor Domènech

Mariona Costa holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona, has been responsible for encyclopedias editing for over fifteen years and yoga teacher since 2005. She discovered yoga in their fitness center and she soon became interested in the connection between knowledge and physical practice than this discipline offers. She Began a journey of self-study of the sources of yoga while it ran into the practice of different forms of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa  of the hand of several teachers, including the particularly inspired, Sri. Dharma Mittra, his disciples Andrei Ram Om, Yiannis Andritsos and Sylvie Trembley, and teachers the flow yoga  as Twee Merrigan and Simon Park, until in 2011 she was certified as a teacher of traditional yoga with Sri Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram at Dharma Yoga Om Life Of A Yogi Teacher Training (200h). She has also completed the Antigravity yoga teacher with Christopher Harrison, founder of this air discipline. She currently teaches yoga at the centres 'Yoga One' and 'Centre Cos per la salut integral' in Barcelona.

During her classes, emotional and intensive, she invites at practitioners to flow following the link of the postures to the rhythm of conscious breathing and, in turn, she invites you to find the rhythm in the stillness. Her practice is dynamic and calm with a constant search for balance and she enjoy each day to share the happiness inside that grows with yoga.
Of how yoga came to me. Much more than a change of course

Víctor Domènech

Joan Gimeno is Professor of Singing by the Municipal Conservatory of Music in Barcelona, he has also studied dance, theater and  speech therapy,  he  has been for over twenty years a professional singer in  Opera, Anthems and Lied, he was store manager at a luxury brand for a long time and he has an extensive experience in sales and trade marketing. He teaches yoga since 2007. He discovered yoga in adolescence and later  practiced for many years very close to yoga techniques applied to the musicians (Fedora Aberastury Method). The encounter with yoga was in the sports center where he trained and later he deepened in the disciplines of Hatha yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa with different  professors of highly recognized, among which especially Sri. Dharma Mitra, his disciples Andrei Ram Om, Yiannis Andritsos and Sylvie Trembley, and teachers of Flow Yoga as Twee Merrigan and Simon Park and until the year 2011 became a certified traditional yoga teacher  with Sri Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram at Dharma Om Life Of A Yogi Yoga Teacher Training (200h). He has also certified of Antigravity Yoga with Christopher Harrison, founder of this air discipline. He currently teaches at 'Yoga One'! and 'Alma de Yoga' and also he gives private lessons in Barcelona.

His classes, tailored to different levels of practitioners, drink from all disciplines that he has been studied by combining a strong and dynamic practice with the organic fluidity of energy conscious and the breath, looking calm the mind and the beautiful union of body, mind and spirit that gives us the yoga.