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Gyantse, Kumbum, Tibet author:Víctor Domènech

Clean to regain full sensation of breathing
10 May

Jala neti

Richard Schmidt
Fakire und Fakirtum im alten und modernen Indien: Yoga-Lehre und Yoga-Praxis nach den indischen Originalquellen
Berlin, 1908

The Jala neti (Sànscrit jala, water, and netiHatha Yoga Pradipika refers to six Kriyas, cleaning or exercises to clean: Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli and Kapalabati, and Gheranda Samhita replaced Nauli by Lauliki. In both texts explain how to clean the nostrils with the help of a cord that goes from one of them and goes out by the mouth, of this technique has been borned the cleaning with salt water.

It is a simple and effective cleaning is done with salt water and returns us the sense to feel clean and fresh sea water and fresh air. The nasal douche, Jala Neti is one of the first kriyas and it's mentioned often when we began the practice of yoga and meditation.

All who live in highly urbanized areas and contaminated suffer the effects of pollution that makes your nostrils are dirty, blocked, and that breathing will suffer, though perhaps we are not aware of it. Do circulate salt diluted in water from one side to another, has a liberating result because it returns the amplitude of breathing that seemed lost and perhaps not even realize we had. All those who include in your diet foods rich in sugar or milk they suffer as a result excessive thick mucus, jala neti is the best way to make an effective cleaning. Jala neti helps prevent the effects of sinusitis, colds, reduce pollen allergies, asthma and alleviate the olfactory nerves maintain them healthy, relieves mental strain and headaches.².


Make a nasal douche is easy, we need a lota, a pitcher with the peak specially designed to fit the shape of the nose, and unrefined sea fine salt. It is not advisable to use water alone because it is annoying and can damage the nasal mucosa nor table salt , it contains anticaking, silica and other substances such as iodine can also cause damage.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Fill the lota with warm water, pour a teaspoon of salt and make sure that it is fully dissolved in water (hot 30 ').

  • Tilt the body over the sink and put the lota in the nostril that you feel more open.

  • Tilt your head to the other side so that one ear is straight above the other, keeping the mouth slightly open and breathing very quietly. Water is poured evenly into one nostril and must pass and go out by the other nostril.

  • Do the same on the other side.

After cleaning, we must ensure that the nose and the lota are also very dry. We must do four energetic and rhythmic expulsions with the air from the lungs, the torso tilted forward to adopt a posture of flexion like Uttanasana and move the head from side to side, allowing all the water goes down. And avoid the surprise that you feel when the water goes down at another time, perhaps in the first Adho Mukha Svanasana of our practice! In any case not breathe too hard, the water could go into the inner ear and cause discomfort or pain.

Despite its origins as old and that is so desirable, in the West clean the nose has not been incorporated into the routine of daily hygiene but is rather a home remedy for nasal congestion. If you test it, you will incorporate it in your live and will help tremendously, whether you live in a big city, in which case you will notice the benefits immediately, as if you are in a cleaner environment and perhaps two or three days a week will suffice . Keep in mind that it may be contraindicated in cases of nasal septal deviation, if there is a predisposition to bleeding and in any event not apply after eating.


Gheranda Samhita

II_30. Clarifies the cranial area and sharpens the vision, quickly eliminates all the hassles that arise over the shoulders.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

1.Found ancient text in format PDF inside 'Clásicos' on the web

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26 May

molt interessant! ho probarem! on es compra el material necessari??

author comment:kiku costa
26 May

Hola!! Si t'animes a provar-ho aquí mateix en trobaràs. A l'apartat d'Accessoris de la botiga de la web tens la Neti Pot de plàstic o la de porcellana. La sal marina en una botiga de productes dietètics. Una abraçada!!

author comment:mariona
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