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Leh, Ladakh author:Victor Domenech
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Advanced 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course includes the 200hr foundational course in traditional Yoga, plus an additional month of advanced training for a total of 500 contact hours including self study, Ayurvedic principles, Yogic diet & detox,
Begin activitat
25 - 01 - 2020 13:00
End activitat
19 - 03 - 2020 13:00
Place activitat
Doi Saket
Chiang Mai
We would highly recommend the students to apply for a complete 500 hour course for even a deeper experience.

Stefano Notarbartolo who is our Detox Specialist and also an experienced Yoga Therapist along with our main teacher Jeenal Mehta will be training the participants through Ayurveda, Detox and Fasting. The Head Monk of India, Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri will be teaching Yoga Philosophy.

The other 300 hours Advanced Course will cover 6 main aspects:

1. Ayurvedic Principle of Diet and Body Types
It is an eye-opening course. In this course Jeenal will help you reconnect to your eating intelligence, help you heal your digestion and understand your body type, your mind and the diet associated to your body type.

The course is based on the traditional principles of Ayurveda to help you design an ideal diet, choose the right spices and ingredients to heal yourself.
Set in a green and peaceful garden sanctuary, it will allow you to slow down, reflect, and enjoy the healing process while living a yoga lifestyle and a healthy routine. There will be fun filled informative cooking sessions with Jeenal that makes the course even more interesting.

2. Yoga Detox study and practice
Shatkarmas are purification techniques used by Yogis to detox the mind, body and the entire psychology. It helps to get rid of certain unwanted deep seated emotions in a very safe way and environment. These techniques can help to rid the body of toxins, and balance your natural energy so that you have glowing skin, improved digestion, ...
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